Frequently Asked Questions on Mobile Banking Services



1. What is Mobile Banking?

Mobile banking (also known as M-Banking, SMS Banking etc.) is a term used for performing balance checks, account transactions, payments etc. via a mobile device such as a mobile /cell phone.

2. Can I avail PNB Mobile Banking Services?


Yes, PNB Mobile Banking Services are available to all the Retail customers of Bank.


3. Why I should apply for PNB Mobile Banking Services?


Mobile Banking facilitates the customers for availment of banking services round the clock with the help of mobile telecommunication devices. Customers can access bank accounts i.e. can check account balance, transfer funds, make bill payments etc through their mobile handset.


4. Are there any pre requisites for availing PNB Mobile Banking Services?


You need to have account with the Bank, a valid mobile connection and handset supporting the services.


5. Do I need to register with particular Service Provider to use Mobile Banking Services?


No, the PNB Mobile Banking Services are accessible through presently available Service Providers.


6. How can I register for PNB Mobile Banking Services?


You can register for the Mobile Banking Services by submitting request on the required application form at any Bank branch.



7.     What are the variants offered in mobile banking?


Currently mobile banking is offered in 4 variants:

Ţ                            Application based

Ţ                            Browser based

Ţ                            Manual SMS

Ţ                            USSD-(Unstructured Supplementary Services Data)

8.     How can I download the application on my handset?


Android users can download the app from GOOGLE>Playstore>Category Finance and other users can download the application directly on mobile by visiting the link


9.     What are the services offered through PNB Mobile Banking Srevices?


SMS Mode:

                                                  i.      View account balance

                                                ii.      Account Statement Request

                                              iii.      Online Mini Statement

                                              iv.      Self transfer of funds

                                                v.      Online stop cheque

                                              vi.      Cheque Book Request

                                            vii.      Cheque Status inquiry

                                          viii.      Changing SMS Password

                                              ix.      Message to Relationship Manager


Browser based and Application based:

                                                  i.      Account Details

                                                ii.      Account Statement

                                              iii.      Bill Payments

                                              iv.      Offline Request (FD Opening, NEFT, RTGS)

                                                v.      Activity Inquiry

                                              vi.      View Balance

                                            vii.      Online Mini Statement

                                          viii.      Changing Login and Transaction Password

                                              ix.      Online stop cheque

                                              x.      Cheque Status inquiry

                                            xi.      Self transfer of funds

                                          xii.      Third Party Fund Transfers

                                          xiii.      IMPS(Immediate Payment Service)


USSD- (Unstructured Supplementary Services Data)

                                                i.   View Balance

                                              ii.   Account Details

                                              iii.   Nominee Details

                                              iv.   Online Mini Statement

                                              v.   Self transfer of funds

                                            vi.   Third Party Transfer of funds

                                            vii.   Cheque Status inquiry

                                         viii.  Changing Login and Transaction Password


10.             What are the pre- requisites for the different flavors?


Browser based flavor – Requires a mobile with support for mini browser and a data plan that supports GPRS


Application based flavor– Requires a mobile with Java capabilities (MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1). This also requires a data plan that supports GPRS


SMS Mode – Any mobile with SMS capabilities.



11.            How do I know my mobile has java capabilities?


There is only one way to find this is to consult the user manual document that you would have got when you purchased the mobile device or going through the specification of the device on the internet.


12.            My How do I know if my mobile phone is supported?


Please visit to get the list of mobile phones that are supported.


13.            My handset is not in the supported list? Why?


New handsets are regularly introduced by the mobile providers, and testing is done selectively by our team. However this does not indicate that our Mobile Banking Services will not function on your handset. Pre requisites as mentioned above should be fulfilled.


14.            I am not able to connect to Bank’s website/URL? What to do?


There can be problem in your internet  connection. Please contact your internet service provider.


15.            What is the difference between thick client GPRS & thick client SMS?


Thick client GPRS uses GPRS based internet connection to communicate with the server.


Thick client SMS uses SMS for communicating with server.


16.            What is JAR file?


JAR is Java Archive file. The application is packaged into a compressed jar file to reduce the size.


17.            When installing the application says “Untrusted”. Can I trust this application?


Untrusted does not mean it is a malicious software. It is the name of the domain that the application will be installed. The application is safe and can be trusted.


18.            Can I have both Application and Browser based variant on the same mobile device?


Yes. Both Application and Browser based variant can be installed on the same mobile device.


19.            Can anyone else login using the application that is installed on my mobile?


The application does not allow other user to login with your credentials.


20.             I get an invalid security pin error?


Please check for typing error in mPin field.


21.            I get an invalid login name error?


Please make sure that you have entered the login name correctly. Even when your login name is correct, check with Bank that you have been enabled for mobile banking.


22.            I get ‘Could not process request error’ when I try to submit the page for the thick client GPRS ?


Please check the java settings. The application uses the internet connection to communicate to the server. The settings should be same as for browser settings.


For more information please refer to the user manual of the device.


23.            I get maximum number of attempts exceeded  error?


This error is shown when the password has been entered wrongly for a number of times (5), Please ensure that you have typed your password correctly.


24.            I get service not available error?


This could be an issue to GPRS settings. Please choose an appropriate plan for GPRS connectivity.


25.            I get session expired error?


This could be an issue due to loss of connectivity to the server. Please restart the application and try.


26.            When I try to enter to mPin or enter amount for transfer, I can’t enter any numbers, only letters. Why?


Check your phone’s settings to make sure you don’t have Alpha-only enabled on the keypad.


27.            What happens if I lose my mobile device?


  Please contact the concerned branch immediately and get the Mobile Banking Service



  Regarding the application that is stored in the mobile:


In case of Browser based Mobile Banking – no information is stored and therefore no problems


In case of Application based Mobile Banking– It is not possible to read the information that is stored on mobile without the credentials.


In case of manual SMS – it is suggested clearing sent items as soon as you use the service.



28.            I have changed my mobile number. Should I update bank?


Yes. Please contact the concerned branch.


29.            What charges are levied for using SMS Banking?


Bank does not levy any charges, however please consult your service provider for the data plan and charges.


30.            What happens if I lose the communication signal during a transaction?

When you launch your application (when there is good signal) you can verify if your last transaction was successful or not by doing an activity inquiry


31.            I have a CDMA phone, Can I use mobile banking?


Yes. Whether GSM or CDMA, if your mobile device has the pre-requisites as mentioned in point 4, you can use mobile banking.


32.            How to get GPRS settings in my mobile phone?


GPRS settings vary from one service provider to another. It is also device specific.


Each and every service provider differ in the way they provide settings.


Following are some guidelines for getting the settings for various network service providers:




There are different packages available in Airtel. In this document, Mobile Office settings alone is discussed.


For Mobile Office settings, message ‘MO’ to 52567.


The settings will be received by the mobile in two to five minutes. After the settings are received go to Options and save the settings.


After this cross verify whether GPRS settings are proper by opening up any website from web browser.




For Vodafone Live settings, message ‘VL’ to 52586.


Save the settings received and check for internet connectivity.


Please refer to the following link for more details:




For MTNL settings, please call up MTNL customer care for settings. They will ask the phone model and they will send the settings to your phone.




For BSNL settings, message ‘GPRS’ to 53733


Please refer to the following link for more details:


For any issues to Settings, please contact your network service provider for support.




For Reliance settings (GSM), message ‘ALL’ to 55100


Please refer to the following link for more details:




For IDEA settings, message ‘SET’ to 54671


Please refer to the following link for more details:




For Prepaid customers:


For Aircel Prepaid, message ‘GPRS BP < 1st three letters of handset name> < Model No.>’ to 57788


You will receive the following message as confirmation "Thank you for your request for activating Aircel Online Basic Plan. Plan charges: 10p/10KB, No monthly rental. To confirm send YESBP to 57788"


Just send YESBP to 57788, and you will receive the OTA settings and the following two messages


Message 1: "Thank you for your request. Aircel Online (GPRS) will be activated within 48 hrs"

Message 2: "Dear Subscriber, Kindly save the GPRS settings to be sent to you shortly"


After Successful activation, you will receive the following message "Dear Subscriber, Aircel Online (GPRS) has been successfully activated. Enjoy browsing internet from your mobile phone"


For Postpaid customers:


Please refer the following link for more details:


Below is an example which gives the steps to manually create the settings. In this example Nokia mobile and Airtel network server provider are taking into consideration.


We need to create two settings – Web and Access Point


Go to Settings -> Configuration -> Personal Config. Settings


Click on Add. Choose Web


For Web, we need to set ‘Use existing access point’ to ‘No’. Under access point settings, goto Bearer settings. Under that we need to give the Access point settings to be


Click on Add. Choose Access Point


For Access Point, goto Bearer settings. Under that we need to give the Access point name to be


Activate the newly created settings for both Web and Access point. Choose the default settings to be Personalized Configuration settings.


However this procedure varies from one service provider to another and from one device to another.


Please contact your network service provider for troubleshooting any issues with respect to settings and GPRS connectivity.


33.            Will I will be able to use the services while on roaming?


       Yes, you will be able to use the services on national as well as international roaming.


34.            Are the transactions done on mobile phone secure?


Yes. In thick client SMS, both outgoing and incoming messages are encrypted. And in thick client GPRS, SSL protocol is used to secure the connection.


35.            Are there any additional security precautions I should take?


·        Do not reveal password(s over phone, mail etc to any person including Bank.

·        The passwords can be changed as frequently as you wish (using the facility available after logging specific flavor). Please change your password(s) before the passwords get expired or when the system prompts you to do so.

·        Do not click on website links/attachments in unknown/suspicious emails. These links may take you to replica of banks website and ask for keying in your user id and password(s).

·        Bank will never send any e-mail requesting to provide userid/password and other sensitive information.

·        In case of doubt, reconfirm the PNBs website by double clicking the ‘padlock’ symbol/icon at the bottom right of the web page to ensure the site is running in secure mode before you input any confidential/sensitive information.

·        Clicking on the ‘padlock’ symbol/icon and server certification symbol will display details of the server certification in the favor of Punjab National Bank.

·        To ensure a safe and genuine login, always enter bank’s website through


36.            How do I setup GPRS for the first time?


Please follow instructions provided by your Mobile service provider.


37.            What happens if my application hangs/or my mobile is switched off when I’m midway through my transaction?


Switch off your mobile and restart the application. And check the transactions made through Activity Inquiry service.


38.            What should I do when I’m trying to download a newer version of mobile app in mobile, while older version of it is still present?


Either one of the below options should be performed if the older version of application is still present in the mobile.


  Delete the older app

  An alert message saying “Do you want to keep the existing application data” with “yes and no options” message will be displayed. User should select “No” and then continue the downloading process.



39.            What if I get an SMS or a call while performing a transaction?


User can answer the call/check the message and then continue the banking operation.


40.            What if I face any device specific issue?


Please visit to get the list of known device exceptions.


41.            Whether my service request process is offline or online?


It is Offline.


42.            How much memory is required in my mobile for downloading the application?


200-250 KB memory space is required in the mobile for running the Mobile banking application successfully.


43.            What is MPIN?


MPIN is a secure pin which is used to validate the user in addition to the Mobile banking password. User should provide a MPIN while downloading the client. And when the user launches the downloaded application in the mobile, user would be requested to enter the MPIN, which user provided while downloading the client. User would be able to login into the application only if he provides the correct MPIN.


44.            How do I get the mPIN?


User sets his/her own mPIN during registration process.


45.            Can I change the mPIN?


Yes. Once the user is logged into the mobile banking, he would be able to change the mPIN through “Change mPIN” service.


46.            How many characters should mPIN have?


MPIN should have 4 characters. It should be numeric.


47.            What should I do when I get the message ‘Latest version of the application available for download at . Exit the application to upgrade or continue to use the existing application’ when I login?


User can either use the older application or download the newer application available in the mentioned path.


48.            What should I do when I get the message ‘To access your banking service, please download the latest version of the application from’ when I login?


User needs to delete the older application and then download the newer application.


49.            Why is the connection to PNB Mobile Banking sometimes slow?


The internet connection speed of mobile handsets varies depending on different factors such as network coverage, service provider, location, connection type and handset model.


50.            How do I clear the cache in my mobile handset?


   Steps for Clearing cache are phone dependent. Generally the steps to Clear Cache are:


Nokia: Select Menu -> Web -> Options -> Advanced Options -> Clear Cache


Sony Ericsson: Select Menu -> Internet -> More -> Advanced/Options -> Other Tab -> Clear Cache


Samsung: Select Menu -> Internet/Browser -> Advanced -> Clear Cache




51.            Can I access to both Internet Banking and Mobile Banking at the same time?


Yes. Internet banking and mobile banking are different Channels. Hence you can access both simultaneously.


52.            What happens if I forget to log out or leave my handset idle for a period of time?


As a security measure, PNB Mobile Banking will automatically log out if you leave your mobile phone idle for more than 8 minutes. If you try to proceed with any transaction after you have been logged out, your phone will display ‘Session Expired’ message.


53. How should I install the application?


The user can download ‘’PNB m-Banking application (mobile app) in his mobile handset. For Symbian mobiles, the user will download the application from our website and in Android phones, application can be downloaded(free download)from android market using the link Google>Playstore>Category Finance.


54.            I have downloaded the application to my mobile phone but I could not find it. What should I do now?


The application generally gets stored in either Applications folder or Games folder, depending on the handset used. If its not present in Applications/Games folder browse through the folders in your phone for the application. The application name will contain mBanking. It will have the PNB logo attached to it.


55.            How should I uninstall the application?


 Go to the settings option of your mobile and uninstall the applicaion.


56.            I have deleted the application by mistake. What should I do?


 You can re-download the application by logging into PNB Mobile Banking site.For Android, the application can be downloaded from Google playstore.



57.            Can I do transactions through my Mobile?


 Initially based on the flavor, funds transfers can be done. Mobile payments will be introduced afterwards.


58.            How many transactions can I do in a day?


There is no limit on the number of transactions in day but transaction amount per day limit is there as per RBI guidelines.


59.            How much time it takes to complete the transaction on Mobile?


Ideally transaction can be completed within 5-10 secs for Application and Browser based and 20-30 sec for SMS/USSD flavor. But it depends upon GPRS connectivity of your service provider.


60.            What is the maximum amount that I can transfer in a day?


  Presently, limit is set as Rs 50,000/- per day per customer.


61.            Can I stop the transaction initiated through Mobile?


  The transactions through Mobile Banking Services happen instantaneously i.e. in real time and there is no option for stopping, reversing or recalling the same.


62.            DO I have to register every time for transferring funds?


  There is no registration required for self and third party transfer of funds.


63.            Will I get a receipt for my transactions done through PNB mobile Banking?


No receipt will be generated but only success/failure message will be displayed on screen. The customers using SMS flavor will get SMS for transaction.


64.            Can I do Inter-bank funds transfer through Mobile?


  Inter-bank transfers can be done in thick GPRS using offline request option.  Yes, you may use IMPS option for Inter-bank transfers.


65.            Can I make payments towards shopping, ticketing etc using Mobile?


  Presently mobile payments services are not available. These will be introduced afterwards.


66.            Can I stop a cheque through PNB Mobile Banking Services?


Yes, I can stop cheque through PNB Mobile Banking.



67.            Can I view the transactions done through Mobile on ATMs and Internet Banking?


Yes the transactions done through Mobile can be viewed on ATMs and Internet Banking.



68.            How will I know that my CDMA phone supports Thick Client GPRS?

For Thick client application access, all CDMA devices are categorized as following

           Close ended

·        These phones does not have  preinstalled  JVM.

·        It involves installing JVM & the J2ME application on BREW platform through Brew Distribution System (BDS) and involves relationship with the operator. JVM would  involve additional cost.

·        Browser option is readily available  for these CDMA handsets and recommended.

           Open ended

·        URL can be directly specified in the browser to download the J2ME application on to the handset.

·        Appropriate data plan needs to be enabled to use the application.

        Click here to know more about CDMA Devices.