For receiving SMS Alerts, Please be sure your Mobile Number is not registered for do not disturb directory

FAQs on SMS Alerts



  1. What are SMS Alerts?

SMS Alerts is a service that allows you to stay updated on your account transactions through your mobile. To receive these alerts you have to register for the service.

  1. How to register for SMS Alerts?

To register for SMS Alerts, you need to fill up the Registration Form (PNB 1167) and submit the same at the branch.

  1. How will I come to know that SMS facility has been enabled for my mobile number?

On successful registration of the facility, a SMS will be received on your mobile confirming of the registration.

  1. What are the different kinds of alerts being offered by our Bank?


SMS Alerts are being generated for transactions done through branches, ATM, Point of Sale terminals, Internet Banking for transaction amount above a cut-off limit, presently it is as under:


o   identified transactions (credit/debit) of above Rs.5000/- done at branches,

o   and no limit for transactions done through ATM/POS/Internet Banking/Mobile Banking


There are off-line alerts reminding the customers on installment due, maturity of FD etc. like,


o   Alerts on cheque clearing (inward and outward),

o   Alert on Cheque stop and cheque returned.

o   Release of lien information under share trading mechanism.

o   Alert on renewal/payment of fixed deposit on maturity above Rs.25000/-.

o   Renewal of CC/OD account limits.

o   Alert for installment due of retail loans.

o   Alert reminding on overdue installment amount of retail loan

o   Alert for Internet transaction password changed


  1. What are the charges for this service?

Charges for SMS Alerts are Rs. 15/- per quarter plus Service tax applicable However, following categories of accounts have been exempted for SMS Alerts charges:
1. Senior Citizen accounts
2. Staff accounts
3. Retired staff accounts
4. Vidyarthi accounts
5. Mitra accounts

  1. How often will I receive the SMS Alerts?

SMS alerts are received when a debit or credit transaction happens in your account and is above the set cut-off amount limit. In addition to that alerts are sent at the end of every month reminding of installment dues, maturity of FDs etc.

  1. Can I reply back to Bank on the SMS?


No it is a system generated SMS it cannot be replied or responded.


  1. Is it possible to receive alerts on more than one mobile number?

No, we will send the alerts on only one mobile number which is registered with the Bank

  1. In case I have a Joint account with bank, do you send alerts to both account holders?

No, the alerts will be sent only to the primary account holder with the bank.

  1. Do I require a specific phone for receiving SMS Alerts?

Any mobile with a valid mobile number registered with any service provider will be able to receive SMS Alerts.

  1. How to de-register for SMS Alerts?

To de-register, you have to submit a written request at the branch.

  1. How can I modify my mobile number for receiving SMS Alerts?


You can modify the mobile number by submitting request of modified mobile number at the branch.


  1. Are the facilities available to specific account type?


No SMS Alerts are available for all type of transaction based accounts.